EWHP at General Convention & Triennial

Historical Society Meeting at General Convention 2012

The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church met on July 2nd and 3rd in Indianapolis, IN.  The business meeting was held on the 3rd and ended with a banquet.

I attended the Board Meeting as EWHP representative and gave a full report of EWHP’s activities and programs for the year 2011.

As is customary, EWHP’s Adelaide Teague Case Award was given at the banquet.  The recipient was Dr. Joan Gundersen who joins the rank of women who have fulfilled EWHP’s mission.

Matilda Dunn

Comments from the ECW Triennial 2012

I had the opportunity to be EWHP’s delegate to the ECW Triennial 2012, which took place in Indianapolis during General Convention.  EWHP was one of seven groups that had delegation to this meeting.  I attended and participated in meetings regularly and assisted with the booth in the exhibit hall.

On the second day of the Triennial I was asked by ECW President Marcia Hines to say the opening prayers that afternoon.  Acknowledging to the group that I was the EWHP’s delegate, I was called upon to pray.

There were eloquent speakers and informative workshops.  The UTO presentation was another wonderful and inspiring way to see and observe the work of women in the Church in action.

The ECW elected its officers and board members for the next triennial, and the UTO announced its new officers and board members.

More information about ECW Triennial will be available to you as we connect to the Communiqué.

Matilda Dunn

Reaction to document on Female Bishops in the Episcopal Church

The pamphlet prepared by me entitled “Profiling Women Bishops in the Episcopal Church” was well received by both male and female Bishops.  The Presiding Bishop’s suggestion was that this project should become a book. And, following her suggestion, I contacted most of the female Bishops and expressed the desire to do more work on each of them and they were receptive to the idea.

I intend to obtain a grant in the near future and proceed accordingly.  I also had an offer from a male Bishop to have the pamphlet translated into Spanish.

Matilda E.G. Dunn


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  1. Marge Christie · · Reply

    Nice work Matilda — you are providing a much needed overview of women’s history!

    Marge Christie

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